Original Titel: Abbau über Tage

 The remnants of industrial history are omnipresent in Absam, Hall, and Thaur, but one must know where to find them. In the Hall Valley, for example, where salt mining was carried out for almost 700 years, the tunnels are located off the hiking trails. In the huts where the workers once stored wood and other materials, mountain bikes are now parked. The old manor house, partially collapsed after an avalanche, is no longer accessible. Businesses have rented space in the Saltworks, and wedding parties celebrate in the former salt storage. In Hasegg Castle, where a water wheel is only set in motion when tourists announce their arrival, a pensioner lives without running water. The building that housed the first salt administration in the municipality of Thaur now accommodates seasonal workers.

Generations of locals toiled underground from the Middle Ages until the closure of the operation in 1967. While salt has brought prosperity to the land of Tyrol, the interest in preserving the associated memories is low. Today, apart from a small museum in the city of Hall, private initiatives such as the late Hans Spötl's are the main reminders of that time. His widow takes care of the relics that pile up in their home and garden. 


Absam/Hall/Thaur 2022